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Futures Betting

LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook proposes the Customers a great variety of opportunities for betting on an outcome of the future events of NBA basketball, soccer, NFL football, Olympic games futures etc.

Future odds are offered for your attention. Special propositions for future results of each command, created before the beginning of the regular season for each kind of sport.

The advantage of futures betting is obvious: as a rule it is rather attractive wagering odds because it is enough difficult to foresee results long beforehand.

There is a small disadvantage with the futures wagering: when the offer consists of some events, it takes to wait for the wager until those games will have been played before the bet is graded. However chances to win the big sums of money definitely cover this inconvenience.

Futures Betting Rules

  1. Bets are put on a single event or game in the offer.
  2. The command wagered on, is to win the league or tournament.
  3. The player puts wager on the odds valid for the moment of its placing.

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