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Questions and Answers

Welcome to the section «Questions and Answers» on LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook. Here we will answer the questions, the most frequently asked by our Customers.

Q: How do I put a bet in LEADER-bet Sportsbook?

A: It is extremely easily to place a bet LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook. You just have to follow steps below:

1. Log on to your account.
2. At the homepage you will see the link to all available lines for bets. Click on the league you are interested in, and you will be directed to the chosen events.
3. Decide, which team or player you would like to bet on and enter the sum in the special field. Now you just have to confirm your bet!

Q: I have created a betting account, but I can not log in. What do I do?

A: First of all you have to activate your account. For this purpose you must place your first deposit. For more detailed information go to the banking options section.

Q: I’ve got used to decimal system of calculation. Can adjust your site under my needs?

A: Certainly, yes. First, you can switch on between systems of calculation in a window on the left navigation pane of the menu. We offer American, Decimal and British systems.
Second, to have the wagering lines displayed in decimal system each time when you log on, select a preferred format at the registration of your betting account or at editing of options of an account.

Q: I am a citizen of the United States of America. Can I place bets on your site?

A: No, it is forbidden for citizens of the USA to be registered in the LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook. If we find a US citizen-owned betting account, registered by mistake, we immediately will freeze it until the matter is clarified.
Note: Similar restrictions concern citizens of Australia, hence, we do not accept wagers from them also.

Q: From what age it is legal to place a bet at your site?

A: You can place bets at the site of LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook if you are 21 years old or more.

Q: Is gambling legal?

A: It depends on the country. LEADER-bet is completely licensed Online Sportsbook!
Nevertheless, laws in some countries forbid gambling, therefore you should check up at the representative of the citizens in your country, whether you can wager on-line.

Q:Do I have to pay taxes from winnings?

A: You have to consult your local representative concerning the taxation in your country. We do not disclose details of your winnings or losses to any third parties, as it is written in our section Privacy Policy.
Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of users to pay taxes according to the laws in their countries.

Q: What is the minimum betting amount at the site of LEADER-bet

Minimum betting amount makes up 1UAH for a Single bet, 0.1UAH - for Parley and 0.1UAH – for a Teaser.

Q: What is the maximum betting limit at your site?

A: Wagering maximum limit can vary depending on sports, betting type and time relative to the start of the event. For more detailed information, please follow in Wagering Limits section.

Q: I’ve decided not to place a bet and want to cancel it. How can I do it?

A: As it is described in section Betting Rules, the confirmed bet cannot be cancelled by the Player.

Q: Will I get a benefit from refering friends to your sportsbook site?

A: Certainly, you can earn unlimited bonuses from each referred friend (the sum of your bonus depends on the sum of your friend’s first deposit on the account.
The more your friend puts on the account, the more you earn! You can see details of this program in the section Refer Friends .

Q: I have won the bet. Why do not you send me the prize?

A: Winnings are transferring to players upon request. For this purpose you need to choose one of the offered options for withdrawal of money.
Good news! We will reimburse all expenses on withdrawal of money once a month!

If you have other questions, not mentioned here, contact our Customers Care Department and ask your questions.
Customer support service is available for each user, registered in our site!