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General Rules

This section describes terms and betting conditions in LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook. They include the description of kinds of bets accessible on the site, and events on which bets are accepted. The knowledge of rules and conditions of a particular wager is the responsibility of the Customer.

Any changes or amendments to these rules will be published on our site. The administration of LEADER-bet will notify Customer about changes by e-mail, as far as possible, but the knowledge of current rules remains the responsibility of the Customer.

Soccer Wagering Rules
Basketball Wagering Rules
Am. Football Wagering Rules
Tennis Wagering Rules
Ice Hockey Wagering Rules
Baseball Wagering Rules
Political Events
Limits for Bets
Parlay Rules
Futures Betting
Proposition Bets
Other Sports

Acceptance of Bets

LEADER-bet accepts wagers on-line at www.leader-bet.com.ua.

Before putting a bet, the Player should check up the correctness of the sum which he wishes to stake. As soon as the bet has been made and confirmed, it cannot be changed or cancelled by the Player.

The wager is not valid, until the report code (receipt number) is not registered. The report code, a kind of the bet, a wager details, the sum of the stake and the possible sum of a prize will appear on the screen together with the notice "Accepted". To make sure, that the bet has passed you may call on section «Betting History» or contact Customers Care Department .

Betting odds are subordinated to fluctuations and got fixed from the moment of wager acceptance. If during acceptance of wager there was a failure or an error in the program, the bet is considered void.

Restrictions for bets. The minimum bet amount is an equivalent to 1UAH for Single, 0.1UAH for Parlays and 0.1AUH for Teaser. The sum of the maximum rate is defined by bookmaker office LEADER-bet and is subject to change without the preliminary written notice. More detailed information you can see in LEADER-bet table of Wagering Limits. The Sportsbook also has the right to establish restrictions on individual accounts.

LEADER-bet reserves the right to suspend acceptance of wagers in any time. In that case all wagers which have come during this period, will be cancelled.

LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook reserves the right to turn down acceping of bets made for interdependent results. LEADER-bet can refuse at any time in accepting of bets or a combination of bets either during inquiry, or retrospectively. LEADER-bet will refuse bets if there is a good reason, such as, for example, if game is sold or if LEADER-bet suspects, that players or organizers of competitions operate dishonestly.

Multiple bets are not accepted, if the outcome of one event contradicts an outcome of another. If such bet has been accepted by mistake, it will be considered, as two and the bet sum will be divided into equal parts.

LEADER-bet reserves the right to cancel any bet made on obviously "wrong" line or a bet made after the beginning of the event.

Legality and Prohibitions

Anyone under 21 years is forbidden to make wagers. LEADER-bet has the right to recognise any transactions with minors as void.

Access to or possibility for wagering can be illegal either for inhabitants of some countries or those who is present in these countries. These countries include, but are not limited to, the USA.

Time of Passing

All bets should be made and accepted prior to the beginning of game or event. Any bet which is made after the advertised time of event, will be considered void until it will be proved, that at the moment of bet, the event did not occur. The only exception is LIVE wagering , when one can lay bets after the match starts. You can see LIVE games link on the first page of a site of LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook. Wagers on LIVE games are valid if they were made before the match termination.

Bets are accepted according to current line and the list of events with the fixed odds, offered on the site of the Sportsbook LEADER-bet. The odds can be changed after the bet, but conditions of the concluded bet will remain invariable. Clients should check up, whether there were changes before laying wager.

If the bet has been received after the deadline, LEADER-bet can cancel the bet, refuse, or approve its admittance on transfer or in post factum.

If another is not specified before competition, all events should occur at the scheduled time. Server clock is counted in time zone GMT + 02.

In case of disagreements concerning time at which the bet was put, it will be verified in a database, and with transactions logs, which are kept on company servers.


Results of sports events are established either in accordance with the official statistical sites to which LEADER-bet refers or adjudication of the official governing body unless otherwise stated.

The winner of competition is defined after its termination; LEADER-bet does consider protests and overturned decisions for wagering purposes.

Winners and losers are official for betting purposes after:

  • American football – NCAA & NFL – 55 minutes of game.
  • Basketball - NBA - 43 minutes of game (see betting rules for this kind of sport).
  • Basketball - NCAA - 43 minutes of game (see betting rules for this kind of sport).
  • Hockey – 54 minutes of game (see betting rules for this kind of sport).
  • Boxing - after the bell has sounded the beginning of the first round.
  • Overtime periods, quarters or the extra innings are counted in the final score when wagering on totals, money line and spread betting (see betting rules for sports).
  • In a case with golf, the result is published after a determining meeting.
  • In other kinds of sports: competitions with a scheduled length of play or time limit, must reach the conclusion when official results will be published.

Restrictions in Live scores: We do not take responsibility for errors in the published live results.

If a game has been suspended before the minimum time has been reached and is not renewed the same day, all bets will be considered void, and the sums are returned to Players.

If a game has been suspended after the minimum time has been reached and is not continued the same day, the score when the game is halted will be fixed for the bet, regasdless of whether the game is completed the other day.

Stackes will be accounted only after the termination of competitions. If results of competition have not been published within 24 hours, every chance in relevant game will be turned to 1.00.

In futures wagering (for example, total season wins), the winner in that league also will be declared as the winner in the sportsbook props for betting if the minimum quantity of games which is demanded for the long-term props has been completed.

In case of questionable result (absence of result, its false or in case of an appeal against the result), LEADER-bet will postpone money transfer.

Renunciation: LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook relies completely on the information provided by the Customer in the application given to establish a betting account. Company LEADER-bet does not take the responsibility for a false information submitted by the Customer.

To know more details on terms and conditions of using services of LEADER-bet, please follow to the Terms of Use section.