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General Betting Rules >> Ice Hockey Betting Rules

Ice Hockey Wagering

LEADER-bet Company offers the Customers betting lines and odds, either on events of National Hockey League, or European cups. With our sportsbook you may put stakes on the whole game and on each individual period.

"LEADER-bet" suggests to conclude a bet on such kinds of outcomes:

  • Spread, Money-Line, Total (Over/Under) for each game;
  • Spread, Money-Line, Total (Over/Under) for each period separately;
  • Proposition/Futures.

General Ice Hockey Rules

  1. For the stake to be valid, the final score is accounted after 54 minutes of play, unless specified otherwise.
  2. If a game lasted less than the specified time, stakes will be refunded.
  3. Games occur according to time, fixed in the schedule (if otherwise is not specified).
  4. Bets on the game will be settled on the result at the end of regular time, not including overtime and any shootouts that may be played (except specified cases).
  5. Results are accounted not including overtime, if otherwise is not specified.

Additional Ice Hockey Betting Rules

  1. Stakes on ice hockey events are accepted on Spread or Moneyline. If the quantity of goals falls exactly on Spread, bets will be refunded.
  2. The ice hockey bets are accepted on total amount of the goals scored in the game.
  3. Buying of points, available for bets, will reduce points spread (for each game separately).
  4. In offers for periods productivity, if the quantity of goals in periods were equal, bets will be refunded. Such offers are not proposed for RHL(Superleague) and the European leagues.
  5. Customers also have the possibility to lay wagers on the individual Total of each command separately. If the amount of goals falls exactly on spread, bets will be refunded.
  6. Wagers on "Home-guests":
    1. Betting on the difference of goals scored by home and away teams compared to the handicap;
    2. Betting on the amount of total goals scored by home and away teams compared to handicap;
    3. Betting on the following events on the playing round: how many goals will home teams score, how many goals will away teams score, how many home wins, how many draws, how many away wins, how many points will home teams get, how many points will away teams get etc.
  7. If a game is not completed, the stakes will be refunded.
  8. Wagers "Home-guests" are not accepted for Parleys together with other wagering events of the same round.
  9. If matches are not played in the scheduled start date, all bets will be void.

Propositions for Ice Hockey Wagering

  1. For the stake on propositions to be valid, all teams must play.
  2. Player to Score the Most Points: If two or more predetermined players have the same amount of points, the wager is cancelled.
  3. Each game must go at least 54 minutes for the stake to be valid.

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