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Parlay Betting Rules

LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook has one more offer for the Customers Parlay Betting. It is the possibility to make bets with a very limited gambling risk and win large amounts of money!

Parlay - is a combination of 2 or more teams (up to 10), collected without any particular order in a single wager. You can choose from different kinds of sports, to wager on Moneyline, Spread, and Total.

For the bet to be active, all chosen team must win. If any of teams loses, the entire wager is lost together. If there is a drawn game or cancellation, the Parlay is reduced to the next lowest number. For example, the Parlay from 3 teams is recalculated for the Parlay from 2 teams. If there was a 2-team Parlay, it becomes the usual single wager.

Restrictions for Parlay

  1. You cannot buy points in Parlay.
  2. Parlays are not accepted, if individual legs are 'connected'.
  3. Parlays are not accepted in hockey using the puck line and total in the same game.
  4. Parlays are not accepted in baseball using the run line and total in the same game.

Rules of Payout for Parlay

Calculations payout for Parlay can occur according to exact computation, standard calculation or combining both. The method depends on betting prices for the games used in the parlay.

  • If odds for Spread -110 for both sides, we call it "flat 20 cent line". When all of the items of a parlay have flat 20 cent lines, the payout is standard. An example of standard calculation for a 2-team Parlay: to win $26, it is necessary to place a bet in the sum of $10. (For those who prefer decimal pricing should note that -110 converts to a decimal 1.909.)
  • If the line is distinct from 20 percentage, the exact calculation depends on the parlay factors obtained from the wagering prices. For more information please contact our Customer Service Department.
  • For 2 or more events in Parlay with flat 20 cent lines in a combination with events having other prices, payment for the group -110/-110 is made according to standard calculation.

Number Of TeamsWin for Betting

Same Game Parlay

The computer program of LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook does not let same game Parlay when point spread is 10 and more. It is also concerned first half and second half lines when point spread is 5 and more. This applies only for the same game Parlay. You may parlay a game to another event with a point spread of 10 or more.

Soccer Parlay

We accept Parlay on soccer only on day of the event. There is a limit for a Parlay that share the same item (team, game). If the total sum of the winning turn out more than the limit allowed, the program will limit the sum to the prescribed maximum.