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Political Events

LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook suggests the Customers to make wagers on political events such, for example, as President Elections in the USA, betting on Senate Elections, UK European Parliament Elections etc.

Rules for Betting Acceptance on Political Events

  1. The stake made after the result is public knowledge will be cancelled.
  2. In case of death of the candidate if it has been nominated, but has not hold the post, bets are considered as the void.
  3. Bets on elections will be graded when the loser acknowledges defeat; if his defeat officially do not declare, bets will be graded, only when the winner will hold the post. The subsequent cancellation or protests will have no effect on the wagering result.

Betting Rules for Political Events of the US

  1. For the stake to be valid, regarding to control of the U.S. Senate, in case of equality of voices at Democrats and Republicans, the Presidential party will be considered to have control.
  2. For the stake to be valid, regarding to House and Senate vote control, Independents will be considered as Democrats.
  3. For elections where it is considered a percentage of the Rep + Dem or Rep + Dem votes, votes for democratic and republican candidates will be considered only; third-party votes will be excluded.

    E.g.: For calculation % of Rep votes. From Rep + Dem., it is used such formula:

    Rep % = (voices ? 100 %)? (Voices Rep + Dem).

  4. For each state collecting votes, the party with the biggest poll will be considered as the winner in that state.

Abbreviations Used on the Site

  1. Dem = Democrats, democratic.
  2. Rep = Republicans.
  3. Washington D.. = Washington, District of Colombia.

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