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Proposition Bets

LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook accepts wagers for all sports events with many specific proposals on soccer, NBA basketball, tennis events (Davis Cup), baseball, American Football events etc.

Special offers are additional possibilities for betting, with two or more options of outcomes which are not directly related among themselves. In most cases they are single bets.

Proposition Bets for Soccer

All special offers on soccer are for 90 minutes game:

  • Correct score – you have to foresee an exact outcome of the game.
  • Total goals – predict the quantity of goals scored in the game. As a rule, there are three types of outcomes: 0 goals, 1 or 2 goals, 3 goals or more.
  • Total Corners – specify the exact quantity of corners in a forthcoming match. If corners are appointed, but are not taken, they are not accounted in total. As a rule, such offers look like, for example: 10 corners or less, exactly 11 corners, 12 or more corners.
  • Halftime/fulltime – the proposition means exact prediction of results at half time and 90 minutes of a game. For example, if you put on USA / Draw in halftime/fulltime proposition then to win a bet it is necessary for the USA command to win at half time and in a draw at 90 minute.
  • First/Last goal scorer – for your bet to win, it is necessary to foresee the player, who will score the first (or the last) goal. It includes two separate props, and you must say exactly, whether you wish to bet on the player who will score first OR last goal.
  • Player to score at anytime – you should foresee precisely minute (up to 90) on which the player will score a goal. If a player does not participate in the game, wagers will be void.
  • First half betting – the proposition on the result at the end of the1 half. You have 3 variants for the bet and more possible there can be a drawn game outcome for first half betting. If a game is stopped before the first half is over then all bets will be void. However if the game is stopped after the first half is over then all bets will stand.
  • Booking Points - you must foresee exactly quantity of points in the game. For betting purposes, a yellow card is equivalent to 10 points, and red - equivalent to 25 points. The maximum points a player can amass is 35 points. For this proposition there are three typical outcomes, for example: 25 points or under, between 30 to 40 points and 45 points or over.. Besides, booked players have to play at the time of the booking.
  • Team to score first/next goal - you should foresee correctly the team which will score the first goal. In a case the Customer manages to guess the command which has scored the first goal, the proposition on the command which has scored the following goal will be available. Also you can wager on absence of the first/next goal.
  • Time of first goal - foresee an exact times of the first goal. There can be an option for no first goal in this offer.
  • Total Shirt Numbers - you should foresee the exact sum of numbers on shirts of all authors of goals of a match.

Proposition Bets on Basketball

The choice of proposition for betting on basketball is one of the widest. The most popular among Customers are: «first team to score», «team totals», «highest scoring half» etc. There you can see propositions for wagering on LEADER-bet Sportsbook listed below:

  • Team to score first (the command has scored officially).
  • Team totals - including overtime.
  • Team with highest scoring quarter - not including overtime (game must be official).
  • Highest scoring quarter - not including overtime (game must be official).
  • Double result - usually it is offered to predict the result at half time, and the result of the game. (including overtime).
  • Which team will score last in the game - including overtime (game must be official).

Baseball Betting Propositions

  • MLB-Series. Bets on a series are based on FIRST 3 GAMES from each series. Neither command can play other opponent between scheduled games. If one of first three games is postponed, all bets remain valid. If less than three games are played, the command which has advantage in points becomes the winner of the series.
    All bets are accepted not considering declared pitchers.
  • MLB – First half. The wager is considered on the basis of the first full 5 innings. If after 5 full innings of the game is not finished, bets on first half remain valid.
    All bets are accepted considering listed pitchers.
  • MLB – Second half. The wager is considered by the results of the game from the beginning of 6 innings and till the end of game. The game come to the end, means that it have passed 9 innings or 8 if the home team is ahead.
    The bets include extra innings. Pitchers are not taken into consideration.
  • MLB – Total errors and hits runs. For the wager 9 innings must have action (or 8 if the home team is ahead).
    All bets are accepted considering listed pitchers.
  • MLB – Team to score first. Betting on the team, which will score first in the game. The bet is considered valid if action has taken place, irrespective of, it is finished or not.
  • MLB – Team to score last. Listed pitchers are taken into consideration.
  • MLB - Will there be a run scored in the first inning. If a run is scored in the first inning and later the game is cancelled, the bet is considered as valid. If first inning is complete and the run is not scored, bets are valid.
    All bets are accepted considering listed pitchers.
  • MLB – Strikeouts by Team. If a game is suspended before 5 full innings are played, all bets on strikeouts will be cancelled. If the match is reduced before completion, but after 5 innings, then strikeouts are only included to the last full inning. For example, if a match cancelled after 7.5 innings, the strikeouts will be recorded only for 7 full innings.
  • MLB – Baseball Team Total. 9 innings must be completely finished for action and 8 – if the home team is in the leading.
    Pitchers have to be listed.

Propositions Bets for American Football

  • NFL - score first. If the team scores the goal and game is cancelled or postponed, the bet is valid, irrespective of, how many minutes the game have been lasted.
  • NFL - score last. For wagering purposes, the game must go 55 minutes of play. If the game goes into overtime, the command which scores last goal, becomes the winner in a bet.
  • NFL - score in the first 7? minutes. If game is cancelled or postponed after 7? minutes of game, bets will be valid.
  • NFL - Total 1st half points vs. Total 2nd half points. Game must go 55 minutes including overtime.
  • NFL - first scoring play.If the team has scored and later the game is cancelled or postponed, bets are valid irrespective of, how many minutes the game have been lasted.
  • Player props. For wagering purposes, all players must be on the field in a current game. Results are based on the official stats of game. A kicker who does not participate due to shutout , but is listed and accessible, is considered to have played.

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