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Banking Options

You can deposit money on your LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook betting account through the bank wire. For more information, contact our cashier.

Deposit option Details/Instractions Minimum amount Transfer Fee
Bank Transfer As a rule, it takes 4 days to transfer moneys via wire transfer. It depends on your bank. The sum of money will be transfered to your wagering account as soon as the wire is received by our bank. .
Payment details:
Account Holder: źLEADER └╠I╗ LTD
Bank Name: OTP Bank
Bank Address: 23, Lenina str., Kherson, Ukraine 73025
└ccount: 2600 8 001319512

$50 USD Varies.
The sum will be charged when transaction is made.

Transfer rules

  1. We accept money in the US dollars and Ukrainian hryvna.
  2. Transfer charges will not be considered, if removal of money has occurred within the previous 48 hours.
  3. The way used to deposit money should be same, as for withdrawal of money from the betting account.
  4. In case of any charge back, insufficient funds or non-valid deposits, any winning prizes made from this sum, will be cancelled.

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