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Wagering Limits

LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook offers the most attractive lines and odds for betting on-line. The minimum wagering sum makes up $10 for the Single, $1 for Parley and $1 for Teaser.

Wagering maximum maximum limit can vary depending on sports, betting type and time relative to the start of the event. You can see maximum wagering limits, in the top of the table with lines and odds for each betting proposal.

For your convenience, we have created tables of wagering limits for NFL, NCAA football and basketball, MLB baseball, NFL hockey and published them at this page.

LeagueSpread limitMoneyline limitTotal limit
-LIVE BETTING-750750750
1st Half10001000500
2nd Half500500500
Australia Victorian SL200200200
Australia Womens PL400400400
Austria 1st100010001000
Belarus Premier League400400400
Belgium Cup150015001500
Belgium Jupiler League100010001000
Brazil Seria B300300300
Brazil Serie A500500500
Ch. League Final800030004000
Ch. League To Qualify300030003000
Cyprus 1st Division750750750
Czech Republic U19300300300
England Championship100010001000
England FA Cup400030003000
England League 1150015001500
England League 2300020002000
England Premier League500015003000
Finland Kakkonen750750750
Finland Veikkausliiga300020002000
France Ligue 1500015003000
France Ligue 2300020002000
France Ligue 3100010001000
Germany 3rd Re. Nord500500500
Germany 3rd Re. South1000400400
Germany 3rd Re. West100010001000
Germany Bundesliga300015002000
Germany Bundesliga Specials300300300
Germany Cup150015001500
Germany Cup Winner500500500
Germany Ligue 2300020002000
Greece Premier1000500500
Hungary Liga NB I100010001000
India League 1200300300
Intern. Friendlies500500500
Ireland 1st Division100010001000
Ireland Eircom200020002000
Israel Ligue 2100010001000
Italy Serie A200015001500
Italy Serie B300020002000
Japan 2nd Division500500500
Japan League 11000500500
Japan Women Div 1300300300
Kazakstan SL500500500
Korea League100010001000
Korea National League500500500
Malaysia PL300300300
Malaysia SL300300300
Mexico Primera Division500500500
Norway 1st Division100010001000
Norway Tippeligaen100010001000
Poland Liga 1100010001000
Poland Liga 2100010001000
Poland YL300300300
Portugal SuperLiga100010001000
Saudi Arabia Cup200200200
Scotland Division 21000750750
Scotland Division 3200200200
Scotland Premier League300020002000
Spain Cup200020002000
Spain Primera400015002000
Spain Primera Specials500500500
Spain Segunda200015002000
Sweden 1st Sodra500500500
Sweden Allsvenskan300015001500
Sweden Superettan100010001000
Switzerland Cup10001000400
To Kick Off750750750
Turkey Super League100010001000
UAE Div 1500500500
UEFA Europe League500030003000
Ukraine Persha Liga100010001000
World Cup 2010150015001500
World Cup Group Props100010001000
World Cup Top Goalscorer300300300
World Cup Winner300300300
LeagueSpread limitMoneyline limitTotal limit
ATP Belgrade100020001000
ATP Estoril Doubles. Portugal100020001000
ATP Estoril. Portugal100020001000
ATP Munich. Germany100020001000
Sets Betting5001000500
WTA Estoril Doubles, Portugal7501500750
WTA Estoril, Portugal7501500750
WTA Rome Italy7501500750
WTA Rome. Italy. Doubles7501500750
LeagueSpread limitMoneyline limitTotal limit
Austrian OBL100100100
Brazil NBB100100100
Euroleague 1st Halfs700500700
Euroleague 1st Quarters500500500
Euroleague Men200010001500
Finland Championship100100100
France ProA100100100
France ProA 1st Halfs100100100
Germany Champ100100100
Italy A1 Women100100100
Italy Liga 2100100100
Italy Liga A100100100
NBA 1st Half150010001000
NBA 1st Quarters500500500
NBA 2, 3, 4 Quarters300300300
NBA 2nd Halfs200020002000
NBA Mixed Games100100100
NBA Series Prices100100100
NBA Specials400400400
Philippine Cup100100100
Poland Championship100100100
Romania DivA (Wom)100100100
Slovakia Extraliga100100100
Slovenia SKL100100100
Spain ACB100100100
Spain LEB100100100
Team Total100100100
Ukraine Championship100100100
LeagueSpread limitMoneyline limitTotal limit
MLB 1st Halfs (5 innings)100010001000
LeagueSpread limitMoneyline limitTotal limit
NHL (60 min)150015001500
NHL (OT Inc)250040002500
NHL Periods500500500
World Championship400400400
LeagueSpread limitMoneyline limitTotal limit
NFL 1st Half400030003000
NFL 1st Quarter100010001000
LeagueSpread limitMoneyline limitTotal limit
LeagueSpread limitMoneyline limitTotal limit
Germany Bundesliga Women100100100
Italy - Serie A1 Women100100100
Italy A1 Men100100100
Poland Polska Liga Siatkowki (W)100100100
Russia - Super League - Men100100100
Russia Super League Women100100100
Mixed Martial Arts
LeagueSpread limitMoneyline limitTotal limit
UFC Match100100100
LeagueSpread limitMoneyline limitTotal limit
Belgium Div 1200200200
LeagueSpread limitMoneyline limitTotal limit
Twenty World Cup200200200
LeagueSpread limitMoneyline limitTotal limit

Important! Maximum bets, published here, are updated on a regular basis; limits for bets you also can see in your ticket while plasing your stakes.