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Terms of Agreement

Please read attentively following agreement between you and LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook. Using our betting site, you confirm that you have acknowledged conditions and will act in accordance with LEADER-bet Agreement.

If you do not agree with the conditions described below, do not use services of LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook.

1. General Rules

This agreement includes the conditions, prosecution of which concerns everyone, who has the right of access or usage the site of LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook, which is accessible at www.leader-bet.com. Other terms and conditions, concerning specificity of individual game, competitions, futures betting, can have priority before principal rules, therefore you have to familiarise with them prior to participation.

2. Restrictions and Prohibitions for Inhabitants of some Countries

There are countries where wagering is prohibited by law. You can use services of LEADER-bet only if this activity is legal in your country, state or the place where you live or log in the site. We do not suppose the access to the site of LEADER-bet in the countries in which it is forbidden by the law.

In view of the aforesaid, citizens of the United States of America are forbidden to use services of LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook.

The Client must guarantee he is fully compliant with all laws relating to online activity or gambling in jurisdiction of Clientís lawful residence. Company LEADER-bet does not accept responsibility in cases if the Client breaks any laws.

If gambling is forbidden by the law in jurisdiction of the district from which you are accessing the site, you will not have the right for wagering. In this case your account will be canceled without any prior notification, and the sum of the first deposit is refunded back. All transactions you have made before with LEADER-bet will be recognised as void.

3. Restrictions in Age

LEADER-bet only accepts bets from Customers over the age of 18. The Administration of the Sportsbook has the right to recognise any transactions with minors as void. For conflict prevention, LEADER-bet reserves the right to demand granting of the identification card for acknowledgement of correctness of data which the Customer has provided at registration.

In a case if the Client has managed to pass the control and to open the account, we leave the right to cancel the account without any prior notification. All transactions will be considered as void and the initial payment will be refunded to the Client.

4. The Information Provided by the Client

Registering the account at LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook, you must provide to us the exact and true information. As well your responsibility is to inform of any changes in any data of yours, such like changes of the e-mail address. Each registration is counted only on one user, it is authorised to each user to have only one Customerís account. At registration you can choose login name and password.

Creating account, you thereby agree that your information is held on the server and is used to meet your requirements.

It is your responsibility for safe keeping of your login and password. If the third person, using your account, puts stakes on the site without your permission, it is considered valid and cannot be cancelled. If the member has mislaid data of its account, or suspects, that other person knows these data, it is Customerís responsibility to inform LEADER-bet Sportsbook on incident and to request a new account and password.

5. Taxes

LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook respects your privacy and could not disclose details of your winnings or losses to the third parties. If you are in the jurisdiction where bet winnings are taxed, it is your responsibility to report them to the relevant authorities.

6. Content of the Site

LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook publishes sports information, advises concerning bets, special materials and betting services (collectively, the "Materials") which are provided for your convenience and pleasure. Some of materials are granted by the Third parties, therefore they can contain mistakes, omissions, errors, the out-of-date information, and discrepancies. We do our best to verify all information, published on "LEADER-bet", nevertheless, we do not take responsibility concerning accuracy, adequacy or reliability of any Materials.

In case of inconsistencies between Russian and any other language version of the Rules, the Russian language version will be considered to be correct.

LEADER-bet Wagering Site is protected by copyright (© LEADER-bet S.A. 2008). Distribution and storage of LEADER-bet site Materials can be considered legitimate only after reception of written permission of LEADER-bet.

7. Changes

Any amendments to the conditions of using presented here, will be published on a site leader-bet.com. Whenever possible the administration will notify on changes by means of e-mail, but the knowledge of current rules remains the responsibility of the Client.

In a case if any modification published on this web site, is unacceptable for you, you can terminate the Agreement. If after amendments you have continued to use the site services, it means, that you accept changes of conditions and agree with them.

8. Restrictions of Responsibility

You recognise, that LEADER-bet Wagering Company is not liable for any losses incurred as a result of your active betting activity on site Leader-bet.com. Besides, LEADER-bet does not not sustain responsibility for any losses, if those are possible, suffered as a result of fraudulent, not authorised or incorrect usage of LEADER-bet, disabilities of any person to use the site, a delay in operations or transmissions, failure of any telecommunications, or some mistakes or omissions in content. In any case, the responsibility of LEADER-bet Company will not exceed the bet amount or Clientís betting account balance.

We do not assume responsibility for consequences caused by force-majeur circumstances. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, failure of our central computer system or either its parts; delays, losses, errors, or omissions resulting from failure of telecommunication or other data transmission system, elemental calamities, outbreaks of hostilities, civil disorders, acts of terrorism, actions of Government (including refusal or cancellation of any licence or consent), fire, explosion, malicious damage, strike of any kind or any other circumstance which was out of our reasonable control.

9. Indemnification

You agree not to harm to the service personnel of LEADER-bet Company , to its managers, directors and employees, and to protect from any prosecution, inquiries, damages, judgements, costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees arising out of or this Agreement, including, without limitation, your usage of the Service. Despite above-mentioned, any requirement is accepted to consideration not later than five calendar days from the moment of occurrence of a disputable situation. Any demand cannot be settled without preliminary written approval of LEADER-bet Company.

10. Rejection of Guarantees

LEADER-bet Wagering Company does not accept any responsibility for any Customersí breach of any applicable local or national laws. You understand, that usage of the service is your responsibility and your guarantee that the activity is lawful in the jurisdiction in which you apply to the site.

11. Miscellaneous

The site of LEADER-bet Wagering Company is not intended for any illegitimate purpose or activity.

LEADER-bet Company communicates with Clients by means of e-mail, address, filled up during the process of subscription. It is important, that the Client provided active and unique e-mail address and whenever possible, notified us on any changes. If email address is absent, the site administration will freeze the betting account until such will not be provided.

In case of inactivity of user within 90 days, account will be closed without reimbursement of deposit amount.

LEADER-bet Company communicates with Clients by means of e-mail, address, filled up during the process of subscription. It is important, that the Client provided active and unique e-mail address and whenever possible, notified us on any changes. If email address is absent, the site administration will freeze the betting account until such will not be provided.

LEADER-bet reserves the right to email its Clients the advertising information concerning future sporting events, and the important system notifications.