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General Betting Rules >> Baseball Betting Rules

Baseball Wagering Rules

LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook accepts stakes on all baseball events, including MLB baseball and College World Series events.

You can find such kinds of offers on baseball on this site:

  • Moneyline proposals, spread wagering, total (over/under) for each game;
  • Moneyline proposals, spread wagering, total (over/under) for each individual period;
  • Live! wagering;
  • Special propositions.

General Baseball Rules

  1. Wagering on total (over/under) is valid if 9 innings (or 8.5 if the home team is ahead) have finished. In case a game is postponed or suspended in extra innings the result will be determined after the last full inning. But in case the home team scores to tie or is in the lead in the beginning of the inning, the score is determined at the time the game is suspended.
  2. Wagers on total runs will be refunded if a pitcher replacement occurs before both listed pitchers have made at least one pitch.
  3. Rules for wagering on Runline and Alternate Runline are the same as those for baseball totals.
  4. Game is considered officially finished after 5 innings, except if the home team is leading after 4.5 innings. If game is cancelled or postponed, the winner is defined by the score after the last full inning. But if the home team scores to tie or is in the lead in the beginning of the inning, the winner will be defined on time when game has been stopped. Money will be refunded if the home team ties the game before suspention. If other is not stipulated, events are not transferred for other day.
  5. “LEADER-bet” does not recognise the postponed games, cancellations of decisions of arbitrators or protests for wagering purposes. All results are considered in the day of a game; otherwise all money are refunded.
  6. Moneyline wagers will be accepted according to the following rules:
    • The stake on team against team, does not depend on the starting pitchers.
    • If starting pitchers are not declared at the moment of the bet, the bet sum of the stake is reimbursed.
    • A wagering tipe on or against one specified pitcher deemed as valid regardless of the other starting pitcher. If the specified pitcher does not start, the wager is considered "no action" (Examples: " Toronto vs Detroit" indicates a wager against Detroit. " Detroit vs Toronto " indicates a wager on Detroit).
  7. In case there is a pitching change prior to the game, the money-line will be refined and "action" wagers will be graded using the opening price for the new pitcher.
  8. A pitcher is counted as a starter after throwing the first pitch to the opponent's first batter.
  9. Both listed pitchers are specified in total and money-line proposals.
  10. If a command has two games during the same day, they are called Game 1, Game 2 in betting offers.
  11. A baseball team must go at least 160 games for wagers on its season wins to be valid.

Wagers on the First Half (5 innings)

  1. All wagers on first five innings will be decided on the basis of the score at the end of full half.
  2. If five innings are not completed, all the wagers eccepted on the first half will deemed void.
  3. All first-half wagers must list both pitchers. If any of listed pitchers has not begun the game, stakes on the first half will be cancelled.

Wagers on the Second Half

  1. Second half begins with the sixth inning and lasts to the end of a complete game or to the last complete inning, if the game is postponed or cancelled.
  2. The listed pitchers must start the game in the second half for the stake to have action. (See also the rule 8 in the General Baseball item).
  3. If the game is suspended before 9 innings (8.5 innings if the home team is ahead), stakes on the second half will be cancelled.
  4. If the game is played to conclusion, all extra innings count as part of the second half.
  5. If the game is called during extra innings before finishing, second-half wagers will be calculated using the score at the end of the last complete inning.

Baseball Grand Salami

  1. The Baseball Grand Salami – is the sum of all scores in all major-league games scheduled for that day.
  2. All games must do at least 8.5 innings. If a game is cancelled or stopped before the completion of 8.5 innings, all bets on the Baseball Grand Salami will be cancelled.
  3. Pitchers are not listed for the grand salami; all wagers will have action indifferent to the starting pitchers.

Baseball Series Betting

  1. Betting on baseball series are based on the first three games played of each series.
  2. At least two of the first three series games must be played for wagers to be relevant.
  3. If one of the three games is postponed, stakes on series are deemed to have no action.
  4. If two of the first three games are postponed, all bets on that series will be graded as No Action.
  5. The interrupted game is valid in a series provided it is officially declared a regulation game.
  6. Pitchers are not listed for series wagers.

«Pick up 4»

Each proposition for bets «Pick up 4» lists the exact order of victories of 4 commands in the Higher League play-off:

  1. The winner of the World Series.
  2. The loser of the World Series.
  3. The loser of the American League Champ Series.
  4. The loser of the National League Champ Series.

Example: Let’s suppose we have such result in the playoffs:

  • The Rangers beat the Red Sox in the National League Championship Series
  • The Marlins beat the Pirates in the American League Champ Series.
  • The Rangers wins in the World Series against the Marlins.

In this case, the victory combination would be: Rangers / Marlins / Pirates / Red Sox.

Run Line Wagering

The command wagered on should win taking into account the point spread, and the amount wagered is regulated by the money line odds.

Special Proposition

All special propositions for bets are accepted as single wagers only, unless specified otherwise. They are valid only in case the pitchers listed at the time of the wager start the game. Otherwise money refunded to the players.

For more detailed information, follow in section Proposition Bets rules.

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