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General Betting Rules >> Basketball Betting Rules

Basketball Wagering

LEADER-bet Online betting company proposes betting opportunities for all possible basketball events from NCAA college and NBA basketball events to Euroleague events, from Eurocup Challenge to Europe Women Basketball, and etc.

There is a selection of propositions available at www.leaderbet.com:

  • Moneyline, spread and total (over/under) for the complete game;
  • Moneyline, spread and total for each half;
  • Moneyline, spread and total for each quater;
  • Teaser (point buying);
  • Spesial propositions.

General Basketball Betting Rules

  1. Games of NCAA College and WNBA must go at least 35 minutes for the bet to be recognised as valid.
  2. Minimum time for calculation of bets on NBA game 43 minutes
  3. For calculation of wagers, winners and losers are defined by the final score, including overtime, and under the conditions described above. If a game is suspended after minimum time has been played and is not renewed the same day, then, irrespective if the game will be finished later, score when the game is stopped, will define the result of a bet.
  4. If a game is stopped before minimum time has been reached and is not renewed the same day, all money under stakes will be returned to Players.
  5. Unless other is not declared, all events occur on the scheduled date and time.

We reserve the right to cancel any or all stakes on a game without the prior notification. This can happen, for example, if the key player is not in game for some reason.

Point Spread Wagering. Calculation occurs including overtime.

Total Wagering. Calculation occurs including overtime.

Money Line Wagering. Calculation occurs including overtime.

1 st Half Wagering. For calculation of stake 1 half must be finished.

2 nd Half Wagering. 2 half Results are calculated if the game have done 43 minutes or more, including overtime.

Quarter Wagering. The relevant quarter must be finished for calculation of bets. 4 quarter is set off without overtime.

Special offers on players. LEADER-bet Online betting site propose you put your stakes on various achievements of players in a current game, such as, for example, quantity of points, assists, rebounds, blocks, penal throws and other. Push rules are in effect.

In order wager was valid, relevant players should appear in the field in a current game. Offers on players occurs including overtime.

For wagering calculation, achievements of each player considered separately. Push rules are in effect.

The results on quantitative achievements of players in the game (that is total points, most fouls, most assists, etc) must be officially fixed for the stake to be valid.

For offers with special names (e.g. the player who scores first, to make first 3 pointers, etc.) bets are valid once the achievement has been made.

For more detailed information on special offers, apply to the section "Proposition Bets". .

To start wagering right now, direct to the section NCAA basketball wagering lines or go to NBA basketball betting lines at the site "LEADER-bet"!