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American Football Betting Rules

LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook accepts bets on all the American football events. Among them you will find NFL and NCAA, and also many other leagues, such as WLAF, CFL, Arena Football etc.

"LEADER-bet" offers such a menu for acceptance of bets on American football events:

  • Moneyline offers, Spread, Total (Over/Under) for each game;
  • Moneyline betting, Spread, Total (Over/Under) - offers for halves;
  • Teaser;
  • Proposition bets ;
  • Futures wagering.

General Betting Rules

  1. For the stake to be valued, winners and losers are defined according to the final score, including overtime, if the game has done at least 55 minutes.
  2. If a game is cancelled after 55 minutes and has not renewed the same day, then irrespective of whether the game is finished later, wagers will be counted according to the result fixed at the day when the game has been stopped.
  3. If game has been cancelled before 55 minutes have elapsed, and is not renewed the same day, all bets will be counted as “No action”, and the sums refunded.
  4. Wagering on Money-line, Spread or Total proposals will be accounted including overtime.
  5. Calculation of bets on second half, the sum of 3rd and 4th Quarter scores, includes overtime.
  6. In calculation of bets on totals at college competitions, overtime is not considered.
  7. Bets on 4th quarters do not include the overtime score.
  8. If there were no changes before the championship, all the events occur in the scheduled time.

We also have other betting options for American football. For NFL Wagering Props please follow to the Proposition Bets department.

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