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Privacy Policy

LEADER-bet Online Sportsbook is fully committed to our Customers privacy. The information which we collect on the site, is necessary to provide betting services to our Customers and to enhance quality of our product. We do not sell, trade or open your personal information to the third parties.

The Information Required For Registration

Some personal information is required when you open a betting account on www.leader-bet.com. That is your full name, a date of birth, email address, the country of residence and contact phone number.

This information is necessary for opening your account and betting acceptance, for contacting you and finding-out some items concerning prizes, withdrawals of money etc.

Also your email address can be necessary to keep you informed about new facilities added in our site as, for example, changes in our conditions of use,wagering rules, forthcoming sports events and other.

The Customer can always unsubscribe from the LEADER-bet newsletter. Nevertheless, you cannot opt out from notifications of program system.

We respect your private life and we will not share, sell, or otherwise open your personal information to any organisation or to the person not employed to our company.

Customers Financial Information

It can be necessary to give the financial information at the account registration in the site of LEADER-bet Sportsbook .

Company LEADER-bet is properly licensed gambling establishment and has no obligations to open Players’ personal or financial information to any agencies or governing bodies.

Thus, we store your personal and financial information and do not disclose it to any third parties.

The Information Collected from your Browser

We monitor traffic and site usage by Players to improve the site and to make it more convenient in use. We do not monitor activities of our Customers.

The information which we could collect from your browser, includes your IP address, browser, resolution of the screen, referring pages URLs, and other impersonal information. This data is used only for internal usage by LEADER-bet Sportsbook.

We may use cookies to allow you to avoid necessity to re-enter information, and also to distinguish you as the unique user when you come back to our website, and also for piling up anonymous, aggregated statistics which allow us to understand how users use our site and help us to improve structure of our site.

The Information for Minors

Persons younger than 21 years old are forbidden to make wagers on the site of LEADER-bet Sportsbook. The administration will use the best efforts to remove minors from a database.

In case you have information concerning people, younger than permissible age using financial data of their parents or relatives for wagering on the site of LEADER-bet Sportsbook , please contact our Customers Care Department. Company LEADER-bet is open for collaboration with international agencies aimed to reduce the possibility of participation of minors in gambling.

Correction and Updatings of Personal Information

You can change or correct registration data, through the special form in our registration system. The data accessible to change, is following: password, e-mail, betting currency, odds format, phone numbers. To change these data you have to log in, and follow the «Account Details» which is in the main navigation pane.

How to Cancel Your Betting Account

For account removal please contact our Customers Care Department. On canceling your account, LEADER-bet will return your current balance amount.

Notifications about Changes

In case of changes in our Privacy Policy, we will notify our Customers in this section. Also can we can send notices by e-mail; however it remains Customers’ responsibility to address this page, to be aware about all changes.